"Larry Ross, a former tax attorney, is that rare PI who possesses in-depth understanding of both business transactions and litigation. We have been relying on his firm, Ross Financial Services Inc., for almost a decade.

Larry is a fierce competitor determined to use every legal resource available to provide the information I need. Expert at finding third party information, the investigations that he conducts are focused, timely, and cost-effective.

Larry has developed a network of highly qualified private investigators strategically located throughout the country---indeed the world. Once, on very short notice, Larry's investigator tracked down a witness in a distant state, gained the witness's cooperation and obtained the information that I needed to save a young man from going to prison.

Larry has consistently been able to help me determine whether a debtor has sufficient assets to justify litigation. His ability to infer assets omitted from a financial statement is paired with his talent at locating those missing assets.

I strongly recommend that you call upon Larry Ross to assist you with your complex business litigation."

K. Stewart Evans, Jr., Esq., Evans Starrett, PLC (formerly Pepper Hamilton L.L.P.)


"We were approached by an individual who wanted to go into business with us. Negotiations could have been time consuming. While we initiated our own due diligence, spending nearly a week of our valuable time doing so, we came to absolute dead ends. Then we called Larry Ross who not only saved us an enormous amount of valuable time when he quickly responded to our need for due diligence, but found what we were unable to. Larry's report was clearly written, and provided a detailed analysis of all relevant facts about this person. He uncovered facts and figures, (with full references) which, if I can say it here, saved our corporate backside.

For investigative due diligence, I highly recommend that you use Larry Ross. He will save you time, money and heartache...what could be better? Larry is now at the top of my Rolodex!"

Elliot Gold, President, TeleSpan Publishing Corporation


"For more than a decade, we have relied on the financial investigative services provided by Larry Ross. In one case, he saved our client from the stress and expense of obtaining a judgment against a defendant who would have lacked sufficient assets to satisfy a judgment. In another case, he reviewed the financial information provided in connection with a settlement offer, discovered that there was missing information and identified another significant asset held by the defendant in a state not previously linked to the defendant.

Larry provides dedicated personal attention to every case. He is very creative in his approach to uncovering the facts needed to solve problems. Though he aggressively pursues leads, Larry's focus is always on obtaining admissible evidence. Definitely an ideal addition to your team."

Paul M. Lurie, Esq., Schiff Hardin L.L.P.


"Larry Ross has been providing our company with clear, actionable business intelligence since 2003.

We have called upon Larry for due diligence concerning proposed business partners. He first impressed us when he determined that a business partner candidate had been issued, and was using, two different Social Security numbers. In another instance, Larry discovered the existence of a second resume that differed in important respects from the one provided to us. Our version contained significant representations that Larry found to be completely false. Another time, Larry uncovered biographical information about significant shareholders, including their varying allegiances to management, that was crucial to the decision making process.

To avoid being blindsided by unexpected revelations, I strongly recommend that you use Larry Ross to conduct your investigative due diligence."

Roland Oliver, Chairman, Monumental Venture Partners


"Larry's financial investigation skills are legendary: he quickly and efficiently developed information (some of it really arcane and hidden) that we previously tried to develop through expensive formal discovery. Based on my experiences with discovery, I think he finds facts that we would not have uncovered, and his findings reports are as down-to-earth as a roadmap. Larry is our go to guy for due diligence in both acquisition and enforcement matters."

Eric Eisen, Esq., Eisen & Shapiro