Ross Financial Services, Inc. a private investigations firm serving law firms, businesses, investors and government agencies, was established in 1991. RFS provides investigative litigation support in areas ranging from informal discovery to asset location to unmasking fraud. We locate documents and trace witnesses across the United States and around the world.

Larry Ross, a former tax litigator, will personally assess your investigative needs and see your project through to its successful conclusion. Licensed both as a lawyer and as a private investigator, he is qualified as an expert witness. His previous tax specialty gave him broad exposure to multiple areas of law, including litigation, mergers, real estate, securities and bankruptcy.

Let RFS wade through the flood of excellent tactic for evidence gathering. Do you have concerns about:

-Fraudulent financials or transactions?

-Enough assets to make litigation worthwhile?

-Missing witnesses?

-Hidden assets?

-Case critical third party documents?

-Facts that lead to bargaining table concessions?

RFS offers a cost effective strategy to help you unlock answers to tough questions, resolve disputes, reduce risk, and make informed decisions.

For more information on why to make RFS part of your litigation team, read Why Hire an Investigator?

"Larry Ross, a former tax attorney, is that rare PI who possesses in-depth understanding of both business transactions and litigation. We have been relying on his firm, Ross Financial Services Inc., for almost a decade. I strongly recommend that you call upon Larry Ross to assist you with your complex business litigation."

K. Stewart Evans, Jr., Esq., Pepper Hamilton L.L.P